Big Data's Role in the Future of Artificial Intelligence Across Key Verticals
ABI Research | 2019年9月

ABI Research forecasts that the total installed base of devices with Artificial Intelligence will growfrom 2.694 billion in 2019 to 4.471 billion in 2024, as companies across the world—and across different industries—embracethe potential of …
Telecare in the EU: Smart Home and Independent Living
注目の話題Parks Associates | 2019年9月

This whitepaper explores how smart home technology can support independent living and explains the benefits for both telehealth and telecare. It focuses on what could be considered the mass-market application to support independent living: telecare. P…
The Five Myths of 5G
通信・IT ABI Research | 2019年8月

5G Is Here. Now What? 5G was billed as a revolutionary step forward for wireless networks. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU)promoted 5G as a high-performance, ultra-reliable, and future-proof network capable of accommodating the needs o…
Implications for Investing in a New Microprocessor: Essential Checklist
通信・IT 注目の話題Tractica | 2019年8月

この調査レポートは新たに市場に投入される革新的なマイクロプロセッサについて調査・分析を行っている、OVUMとTracticaが共同で作成した無料レポートです。 As new innovative microprocessors are being brought into the market, one of the biggest drivers is artif…
Spectrum auctions: the current policy debates
周波数オークション (無料レポートダウンロード)
通信・IT PolicyTracker | 2019年8月

レポートダウンロード(PDF:903KB) For the past decade auctions have been the default assignment mechanism for mobile licences but there is growing concern about their use. Can they deliver wide high speed mobile coverage with its associated economic…
2019年 アジアの小売業者TOP100(無料レポート)
Euromonitor International | 2019年8月

アジアは2018年、世界のデジタルコマース市場の実に41%を占めていますが、消費者がより裕福になってきていることに加え、高齢化、都市化、そして単身世帯数の増加が、同地域の消費者の購買行動に大きな影響を与えました。 本ホワイトペーパーでは、いかにアジア太平洋地…
The 5 Reasons Why Your IoT Project May Fail
通信・IT ABI Research | 2019年7月

「The 5 Reasons Why Your IoT Project May Fail」はABIリサーチによる無料レポートです。 The Internet of Things is the foundation upon which concepts like big data, connectivity, and machine learning can thrive — with the power to revolutionize orga…
Understand Market Access Trends in the US, Europe and Emerging Markets
注目の話題Datamonitor Healthcare | 2019年7月

Rising drug spending and increased desire for expenditure controls are consistent themes across the US, Europe, and emerging markets. With governments and private healthcare systems under increasing pressure to fund high-cost, innovative therapies, whic…
The Role Of 5G URLLC For The Future of Mobile Service Providers
今後のモバイルサービスプロバイダの5G URLLCにおける役割(無料レポート)
通信・IT ABI Research | 2019年6月

5G is the hottest topic in the telco industry in 2019 and early adopters are switching on their networks to provide a better user experience for consumers. The enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) use cases are currently the …
A Decade in Review: Oncology Trial Benchmarks and Sponsor Analysis
Pharma Intelligence | 2019年6月

The average cost of bringing a new drug to market continues to rise, with varying levels of investments across the highly competitive biopharmaceutical industry. To assess the potential effect of varying investments on trial activity and operations, thi…
How to Optimize Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Companies
通信・IT ABI Research | 2019年6月

With the continuous introduction of new technologies — artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, digital twins, etc — the industrial and manufacturing industry is in the midst of a sea change. But for the companie…
Middle East automotive market
自動車 TechSci Research | 2019年6月

Middle East automotive market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.12% in volume whereas automotive market in Africa is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 4.68% during 2018-2024.
Pharma R&D Annual Review 2019
Pharma R&D 年間レビュー 2019年(無料レポート)
注目の話題Pharma Intelligence | 2019年3月

Pharma R&D Annual Review 2019 is based on the stats and data from Pharmaprojects, part of Informa’s Citeline family of intelligence solutions. Authored for the 27th time by Ian Lloyd, Senior Director, Pharmaprojects, this whitepaper contains t…
Costing mobile coverage obligations: UK 700 MHz case study (無料レポート)
通信・IT PolicyTracker | 2019年3月

What are the financial implications of mobile coverage obligations? Mar 19, 2019 by Martin Sims Mobile coverage obligations are an increasingly important part of spectrum auctions and national connectivity strategies. This reflects the growi…
2nd Annual The Future of the Mobile Industry: A Reality Check from Mobile World Congress 2019
モバイル産業の今後 第2弾(無料レポート)
通信・IT ABI Research | 2019年3月

MWC 2019 could best be characterized as displaying an anxiety borne from an industry suffering from a combination of split personality disorder and ADHD. It is clear that we have an industry where its participants know there needs to b…
2019年 世界の消費者トレンドTOP10
Euromonitor International | 2019年2月

「2019年 世界の消費者トレンドTOP10」はEuromonitor Internationalによる無料レポートです。 インターネットの恩恵を受け、「オンラインで他人とつながること」に慣れた消費者は、テクノロジーを活用することで、2019年には日常生活のほぼ全てをコントロールすること…
How Will 5G + AI Transform the Wireless Edge?
5GとAIは如何にWireless Edgeを一変させるか?(無料レポート)
通信・IT Tractica | 2019年2月

「How Will 5G + AI Transform the Wireless Edge?」はトラクティカによる無料調査レポートです。 5G will enable markets to move from fast connectivity for billions of devices linked mostly to people to super-fast low latency connectivity for trillions of d…
Leveraging Smart Home and IoT for New Insurance Business Models
通信・IT エネルギー Parks Associates | 2019年2月

This whitepaper paper explains how home insurance carriers can leverage the IoT and smart home to secure new revenue growth and defend against emerging threats.
2018 Digital Consumer Index: Identifying Key Opportunities for Digital Investment
2018年 デジタル消費者指数(無料レポート)
通信・IT Euromonitor International | 2019年1月

With more consumers shifting to digital platforms, companies must reconsider where to deploy resources for the best return of investment. This toolkit pinpoints a country’s relative digital standing and offers 5 year forecasts to hel…
Bio-Medical Waste and Air Pollution- Emerging Hazards and Better Understanding of Health Risks
TechSci Research | 2019年1月

ダウンロード(PDF:5.5MB) This knowledge report comprehends the overall scenario of Bio-Medical Wastes and Air Pollution in India, with the underlying health hazards.